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I would like to talk to him face to face.

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Stick your finger through your throat!

I might as well throw my money into the sea as lend it to Syun.

Luc and Siping had a couple of beers.

Grow up, Jeffie.

I want my hammer back.

They married in secret.

Jerald just stood there, scratching his ear.

The man on the bench was obviously dead.

That can happen sometimes.

What he said was to the contrary.

Would you mind waiting another ten minutes?


Why do it this way?


We have to make a decision soon.

It rains incessantly.

What are you inferring?

Ghosts are real for those who believe in them.

John is professor of French literature at Oxford and his wife is French.

I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to write to you.

The accident occurred in a remote place.

We're in Formigine.

I want them.

You're really serious about this, aren't you?

He cruised his way through the crowd.

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Theo didn't work on Monday night.

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Traffic is busy here.


Why isn't Sharan here?

This beam won't hold the weight of the second story.

I thought you were planning to be here early.

So, please do so.

I want it delivered to me by noon tomorrow.

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You cannot lift the piano alone.

You have gorgeous eyes.

I wouldn't make any sudden moves.

We'll need their help.

Stephanie thinks that she's smarter than everyone. But she's not.

That's all I can ask.

He often makes people angry.

Why didn't you tell me about this place?

What's the minimum salary in Denmark?

The Kennedys were the closest thing that the United States has ever had to royalty.

Blayne kissed Rhonda tenderly on the lips.


I need a nurse right now.

You've made a horrible mistake.

I went to a commercial high school.

He became very dangerous.

I ran to the station not to miss the train.


Hohn Jackson was the CIA station chief in Baghdad.

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You have an advantage over him.


When I am sitting next to the window, I feel sick.

Have you ever heard of Daniele Jackson?

You wouldn't dare.

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He made himself known to me.

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Unfortunately, few passengers survived the catastrophe.


Personality is what makes individuals unique.

Le Corbusier was a French architect.

Why didn't Irving move?

Jennie delivers pizzas.

Gregory loves chocolate cake.

She doesn't have many friends in this town.

You remind me of her.


He looked like a rich man.


You look radiant.


What is the good of having a car if you don't drive?

I cooked dinner for her.

I hate lawyers.


Heidi knew that what he did was wrong.

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We had no alternative but to fight.

Should the cease-fire be allowed to break down completely?

He held up his hands in token of surrender.

Google Translate is not good enough for Ubuntu Translations. Also this is against Ubuntu policy.

Shel heard his dog barking, so he got out of bed to check things out.

The police can't find Naren.

Today is a special holiday!

But what if we get caught?

Harry has a good camera.

We'll talk about this later, OK?

He took a taxi so as not to be late for the party.

Don't be so choosy.

Larry might want to eat something when he finishes working out.


Lin doesn't need to go.

You shouldn't trust that man.

Every minute is a gift.

A former Reagan speechwriter called Sarah Palin "an ignorant nincompoop" after she referred to the late president's role in a movie that had co-starred a chimpanzee.

Adam bleached his hair last night.

You know how much I've always wanted to go to Boston.

Juan wasn't busy.

He made a stupid face when I told him that.

The whole town lay sleeping.

God and the devil are really super.

Our headquarters are in Boston.

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I'm now learning French.

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Can I see him now?


She pretended to know nothing about it.

See the boy and his dog that are running over there.

I tried talking to Floria last night.

I'm not in the mood to argue.

Mr Tanaka is a doctor, isn't he?


Kirk sensed something.

How could Mott know that?

I don't have a dime left.


I'm in India.

I ate breakfast at eight.

Thomas hugged her doll.


Corey will be busy at this time tomorrow.

I'll go to your house tomorrow.

Who is Pedro?

A Japanese garden usually has a pond in it.

Jane signed up for the French course.

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He's swaggering.

Would you like some tea?

I met him three years ago.

Are we going on foot?

She took her bike to the store.

We can't delay this any longer.

She would be better off without you.

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Some countries in Europe are not part of the European Union.

Right now I'm training in preparation for the day we set off.

Tao can both sing and dance.

I'm a night owl.

The company earned $300 million on sales of $4,000 million.

Cats have the ability to see in the dark.

Websites collect information about you.


She is a mere child, you know.


Lance has been badly let down.


In the first paragraph, she describes the labels she was tagged with, which have a negative connotation.

My mother was happy about the news, and so was I.

I closed my eyes and screamed.


I'm a gynaecologist.

The market is big.

You may as well leave such a decision to your daughter.

I wonder what we're going to do after this.

People are too materialistic these days, in the vulgar, rather than the philosophical sense of the word.

Panacea is a few inches shorter than Dave.

An enormous dome of heat expands across the North American continent.

Jiro has not come back from New York yet.

His office is very close to mine.

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We're leaving for Boston in an hour.

I found out about it on the news.

I've never ridden a horse before.

He keeps a store in Tokyo.

The guy playing the piano is Win.


We've just finished remodeling our basement.

He went out, yielding to a sudden impulse.

Jitendra is still there, waiting for you.

That pianist is known for his skill.

Claudia gave Louise another chance.

Joyce is clearly attracted to you.

This isn't love.

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You don't need to prepare a formal speech.

I don't have money to buy a new bike for myself.

Harris wanted to hire a detective.

Do you have this jacket in different colors?

Are you sure you feel OK?

We will help him if he asks us.

I believe Dana will be acquitted.


He ran straight home after school.

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Are you here to see me?


What do you need us for?

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You can park behind the hotel.